Hi M,

Hope you are having a good day with mom and dad. (Just sent a text to your dad. Feel that kiss on your head? Asked him to do that for me.) Did your mom have a good week returning to school? Bet her kids missed her and were glad to see her. And … she was looking forward to the weekend. Glad you guys are together. Had something pretty amazing happen yesterday, can’t wait to tell you about it.

“I know that you are pleased with me.” Yep … we are. Early in the morning, during the day, late at night, you are in our sight, we are just happy you are around. Taking some pictures, putting a bow on your head, picking out some clothes to wear, giving you a bottle or a “binky.” (Ask mom and dad about that one!) We are just pleased we can hold you, be close and tell you we love you and are pleased with you. Your are doing good stuff that we are interested in everyday.

Love you little one,



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