Hi M,

All the snow will be gone soon. And soon we will exchange winter weather for spring weather.   It will be a little warmer outside. The sun will shine a little longer. And birds will start singing. Things (wonderful things) will start growing. The bows and clothes you wear will be a little different. Spring is a great time.

“Love reaches to the heavens.” Those words remind me of when your dad was small. The heavens are a long way away. Beyond the sun, the moon and stars. The sun, moon and stars are away a way. Clouds and birds are way up there. So are buildings and trees. And ceilings. Most houses (where people live) have ceilings. When your grandpa said goodnight to your dad, your grandpa would say, “Do you know how much we love you?” He would ask, though he knew, “How much?” Your grandpa doesn’t jump very high any more, but then, jumping up and touching the ceiling, your dad would always hear, “This much. From here to here.” Touching the floor.

Do you know how much we love you? Floor to ceiling. (And beyond.)




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