Hi M,

Having a good day? What are you doing? Staying warm? Did you get to see the snow? Are you outgrowing stuff yet? When clothes get smaller that is because you are getting bigger. It is a good thing. You are growing. That is wonderful. (That means there is a little more of you to love.) Good growing little girl.

Unfailing love.” There are those words again! Your grandpa guesses those words are repeated over and over and over just as a reminder that we are to do all we can to remind each other of our love. We should say it over and over and over just so the other person is reminded they are loved. M, in life a lot of stuff happens, awake in the middle of the night, uncomfortable diaper, strange noise, a late bottle, a bright light, colder than you would like. Just stuff. And it is always good to just have someone smile and remind you that you are OK and loved. 

You know what? Love you little one.




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