Hi M,

Happy Saturday!

One guy told me told me that it was good to have “lovely” in your life. Not a word you grandpa uses often, not a cameo, or a macho word. (Ask your dad about those words.) So just think of beauty, giggle, positive voice, or something that puts a smile on your face. (Those are my thoughts regarding lovely.) So … after writing to you, which always makes me smile, your grandpa starts down the “smile/grin/laugh” trail. Intentionally looking for something that makes me smile. (Kind of my Saturday thing if you will.) It puts a great spin on days ahead. It is amazing to look ahead with optimism (With a smile.) at life.

“Unfailing love” is a great phrase. When you think about mom and dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, all those that are part of your “family tree” (Remember that?) … all of those that are friends, there is a great amount of love there. M, there are many positive voices, smiling faces that love you very much. We are glad to have you in our lives and will always (Which is a long time.) love you.

Have a great day, we love little one,




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