Hi M,

Hope you slept well! Wonder when little ones start having dreams? Have you been told about them yet? Just a dark time thought about something. Being held by your mom. Dancing with your dad. Having a bottle. Smiling because you are wearing a beautiful bow. Wondering what a M&M tastes like? Not exactly sure when dreams start, but when they do, hope they are great.

Did you have a good birthday yesterday? Two months, two fingers. A peace sign. (Tell you about that one later.) 

Did you get to hear the story about Flash? See the picture of him?

Did you know your dad has a dog. Hemi is his name. He has a lot of energy. Fun dog. You will get to meet him soon.

Let’s talk about trees for a moment. Heard about or seen trees? Pretty amazing. Ever heard of a “family tree?” Not a real tree. But describes your family. It starts with you. Then it has your mom and dad. Grandmas and grandpas, (yep … you have two of each) and then great grand people. (Tell you about those later also.) – Mt

Doesn’t look like we are ever going to run out of stuff to talk about.

Love you little one,




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