Hi M,

Snow flurries again today. Still not enough for a snow guy and little gal, but soon. Dark time and then light, and it is a the day. Wonder what gifts are coming your way? Your grandpa has one that will make you laugh. Have to wait, can’t tell you. (Did give you a hint.)

“Too wonderful” … does that describe you or what? (It does!)

“Let another praise you” … that is exactly what grandparents are for. Thought it was funny … used to have about 2 pictures for people to see. Now … about 100! Guess who their of?

M, your grandpa has often though how to explain to someone as beautiful, innocent, pure and young as you what happened to Jesus? We could just talk to you about baskets, bows and bunnies. That stuff is fun. But there is another meaning to this chapter and an amazing day we will celebrate soon. Wrote the story “What Happened to Your Hand?” to try to explain Easter to you and other young ones. (Looking forward to reading it to you.)

“The coast” is my home. That is where your grandpa is from. Miss the water sometimes. Think about it often. Wait until you see the coast. Play in the water. Hear the waves. See the birds. Feel the sand under your feet. Smell the salt water. It will be a fun time.

Love you a lot little one,



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