Hi M,

Seattle day+. Be sure to ask about another light time, plus a light time. Pretty important date coming up. Have something cool for you. (Still thinking M&M’s are good, but this is fun also.) Kind of falling in a “can’t wait to you to have this one” category. 

Today we would like to talk with you a little about “joy.” When something good happens, when someone good is in your life you feel happy, you smile a lot, you laugh easily, you are content. There is peace (a good word to talk about a little later) and just sense of calm. Things are ok … or things are going to be ok. You, the people around you can smile at the moment, smile at day.

(Want to hint about another light time, plus another light time? Ears.)

M, this is a thought for a later read, but wanted to say it now. Anything given the God is never wasted. 

A little one, little girl, a girl, a young lady, a lady … “from the beginning of your life” you will know family, friends and love. 

Love you, have a great day, little one.




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