Hi M,

Early. Still dark time. Still sleep time. Just getting light. Sometimes you just wake up early. No reason. Just finished sleeping and ready for the things you do when it is light time. Ready to look around, listen to sounds, tell people all about stuff. Test your lungs a little. Is this going to be a bow day, what color of pants and top are you going wear? When will it be time to eat? Who is going hold you? Early just means you have a lot of day ahead. Hope you have a fun one.

“Pondered” is one of my favorite words. A “what are you thinking about” word. A “wonder” word. Often we ponder what you would like. Since you don’t use the same words big people do, we just guess, ponder what you would like. Sometimes we think right, sometimes not. M, may you never lose the sense of wonder and ponder.

“Listen to your father (and mother)” … pretty good advise.

Remember me mentioning feathers? Birds have feathers. And baby birds sometimes get close, wing close, to their moms. One day you’ll get to see a hen (a type of bird, a mom bird) and her “chicks” (baby birds.) You’ll like the sounds they make.

Your great grandmother has coo-coo clock. Wait until you see it … especially when the coo coo comes out and coo coos nine times. It will make you smile.

Love you little one,




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