Hi M,

Ice! Beautiful to see. (Not so much to be out and about in.) Sun shinny days, not a cloud in the sky days, “Seattle” days, snow man-making days, and ice days. It is amazing the different days and the joy each brings.

M, another name of God … Most High. (Yep … a lot of great names.)

Did you know little one that you have a good name? M, is just fun. (Like the M&M thing.) Grace is such a beautiful name to say and thought to think. And your last name … came from your father and your grandfather. M, it is name we say with pride (we are happy to have) and is “more desirable than great riches” … and we are happy that you have it.

Your grandpa likes to tell stories. (Has a thousand of them … ok … maybe more.) Your dad tells a real tale. He’s funny. You know who told some great stories? Yep … Jesus.

“He stood beside me.” M, it is so great to have so many people standing beside you, who love you, who care for you. May many more stand beside you and as you grow older … you by them.

Love you little one,



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