Hi M,

Grandpa AGC* - holding M copy

Wait until you hear about “errands.” (Had a few today.) Is your day going well? Glad to be able to spend a moment telling you how much we love you and how good each day (yep … even an errand day) is with you in it.

“Children’s children.” Did you know that is a grandchild? You are your dad’s daughter. He is my son. That makes you a child’s child. (He is a young man, your grandpa is … well … older.) And guess what? You have two grandpas … an “A” one and a “C” one. (How fun. Wait until we tell you about that!)

Remember hearing that you have three names and that God has many? The Righteous One is another one of God’s names. (Yep … He has quite a few.)

In just a few days, we will enjoy a great day. A fun day. A festive day. It is called “Palm Sunday.” (Wait until you see a palm branch … cool.) M, it is one of your grandpa C’s favorite days.

“Torn ourselves away from them.” Sometimes you enjoy being with someone so much you don’t want to leave them. That is how we feel about being with you. Don’t want to leave you.

Love you little one,



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