Hi M,

How are you today little girl? Did you sleep all night? Wonder what wonders you’ll discover today? Wonder what things you’ll get better at today? Wonder who will tell you how beautiful you are, comment on how strong you’re getting, how smart you are or how much they love you? (Your grandpa would like to be in that number today!)

When you get a little older we will tell you about birds. Beautiful flying creatures. People like us learn to walk and run. Birds lean to fly, to soar. It is amazing to see. Birds are covered with feathers (Wait until see them) and have two wings. (Like we have two arms.) Sometimes a “mom” bird covers a little bird with her feathers (That means she is close … very close) and puts the little bird under her wing. Close. Protected. Safe. Warm. It is a great feeling for both of them. M, that is a picture of God also. (Pretty cool, huh?)

May you grow to be wise and cherish (love) understanding.

For many years your grandpa has teased with the parents of little children by rubbing their child’s head and saying, “That’s how you get good luck all day.” They just smile. Your grandpa enjoys thinking  that Jesus did something almost the same. He placed His hands on a little one and blessed them. He wanted all the things of heaven for these little ones, … including you.

“Helper.” May you be a helper. (Pretty soon you will be mom’s little helper.) 

Love you lots little one,



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