Hi M,

M, ahead of you is the joy of … Girl Scout cookies! (Yep … it is that time of year.) Cookies, candy! When your aunt was little she was learning to play a musical instrument. (Wait until you discover those. Cool sounds are coming.) She had a couple of boxes of candy to sell. (Guess who was in charge of taking her?) Standing out in front of a grocery store, she was so exciting she could not talk. She just bounced and smiled. Sold out. Funny to watch. Just your fun spirit brings people a lot of joy. (And cookies and candy sure doesn’t hurt.)

Cookies and candy can be gifts that you bring to someone.

M, just being pleasant, being happy, smiling can add a sweet sense to the soul.

(Think my days were mixed up yesterday and today, so …) Let me repeat the compliment comment from yesterday. It is good to say good things about other people. Right now we are saying a lot of good things about you. (Beautiful, good growing, we love you to name a few.)

Remember us mentioning light time and dark time? Remember us mentioning traveling? One time (dark time) two friends (Paul and Silas) started traveling when it was dark.

Be sure to ask your mom about Girl Scout cookies.

Love you little one.



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