Hi M,

Hope your day has gone well? Have you heard the words “snow flurries” yet? Tiny bit of snow. Not enough to make a snowman, cold enough to snow, but not enough to pile up on the ground. Looks pretty. Still a “cover up in your carrier” day if you go out. Have a good couple of days. See you soon.

Met a new friend yesterday afternoon, we talked about our joy of telling about God’s power (strength) to another generation, another age of young people like you. Fun. – Ps

Did you know that there is lot of “heart happiness” when we are around and think of you? (There is.) – Pr

When people say something nice, good about you, we call that a complement. You are getting many of those. One time a friend of Jesus said a very good thing about Him. It was a true and a great compliment. – Mt

Speaking well of others when you can is something very enjoyable to do. – Ac

When you hear people talk about how beautiful you are, how much you are growing, and how much they love you … those a compliments … and very true.

Love you little girl.



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