Hi M,

How’s that grip? There’s a lot of great people around you to hold on to. M, being held and holding on to others is one a life’s great joys. Glad you have started early.

From a young age you’ll learn to play “rock, paper, scissors.” (“Lizard, Spock” for a later … it will make you laugh.) It will help you decide who gets to go first at times. (Believe it or not going first is a big deal to some.) It is a fun game to play, but another way to look at a rock, a big, big, big rock is it a description of God. (Very big. Very, very big.) – Ps

M, it is always wise (good) to listen to your mom and dad. – Pr

Speaking of your dad … he is funny. Has some great stories. (Your grandpa has a few to tell.) You know who else was a storyteller? Jesus. Here He told five stories. (Yep, five is a whole handful.) – Mt

Your Aunt and Uncle have traveled to many places. (Talk about some pictures.) Can be a lot of fun. Your Grandpa traveled a bit. Paul and his friend Barnabas were travelers. – Ac

Looking forward to holding you soon. And seeing that grip.

Love you little one,



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