Hi M,

Good afternoon! Are you having a good day? Listening to some cool voices? Smiling a bit? Out growing some clothes? (*You know if your grandpa was in charge of the world … would see you every day … just to make sure you were ok … and … would have a big truck … bigger than your dad’s … bring you a whole truckload of M&M’s to share … sharing M&M’s is fun.)

M, sometimes you make the most wonderful sounds. One of the fun things we do is “talk” for you. We just guess at what you are saying. It is fun in some settings to hear what three older generations think the fourth is saying. One day you will talk and sing, but for today … a smile is just fine. – Ps

When you were born, how much you weighed was news many wanted. (*You may remember me mentioning many that is maybe the last time ladies volunteer that information.) Accurate scales, the things they use to weight, can be a very good thing. Helps doctors and nurses … and parents know that you are healthy. – Pr

M, one of the things that makes people fun is they are unique. And wait until you are told about a guy maned John. Unique. – Mt

M, sometimes you may find yourself is a setting where there are many voices. It is good to hear your mom’s and your dad’s above others. And especially good to God’s voice. – Ac

And from your grandpa … just hear … love you little one.



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