Hi M,

Not sure what was the most fun? Seeing you? Holding you? Seeing your “great” grandmother hold you? Seeing your mom hold you? Seeing your dad hold you? (How cool is it? You show up … cameras start clicking. Remember the “camera lady?” She held you too.)

Don’t think we are going to run out of pictures.

(*By the way … your mom has the M&Ms.)

“Priceless” is a pretty popular word these days. And that you are. – Ps

Was reminded the last couple of days how much we enjoy just “listening” to the sounds you make and imagine the thoughts you may have.” – Pr

M, it amazing to read (and see even today) the people Jesus help. As you grow older, we hope that embrace that value. (We have.) – Mt

“Heard” … “saw” … “paid close attention” … that describes us around you. -Ac

Love you little one.



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