Hi M,

Beautiful day! Guess who gets to see you later today? Grand and great grand. Predicting “aahs … oohs … and smiles.”

M, a refuge is a safe place. Being held in the arms of a loved one or being “shadow close” to a loved one is a safe place. That is really one of the reasons for family and for God … safety. – Ps

Thinking about your mom. (Her voice and your dad’s voice makes you smile.) She is quite, shy to use her words. Not loud. There is something peaceful and pleasant about that. – Pr

Soon you’ll learn about fruit. All kinds. They tastegreat. Apple juice. Grape juice. Orange juice. Apples. Bananas. Grapes. Oranges. (There’s more.) One time as Jesus was teaching (yep … like your parents) … He taught about fruit trees. – Mt

M, M&Ms … looking forward to telling you about Moses … and what happened at happened at Mount Sinai … can’t say those words yet … but … when you hear the “Mmmm” sound might be getting ready to hear something good. (By the mom starts with “Mmmm.”) – Ac

See you tonight.

Love you little one.



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