Hi M,

Great day. Are you doing a little traveling this week? (Did your mom let you drive? We’ll save that for another day.) Getting around can be fun. Crawling days. Walking days. Running days. Trike and bike days. Car days. Flying days. We don’t want you to grow up too fast, still like the holding, carrying days, … but we will be by your side … all days.

Let me mention “strong” and “strength” again. You are getting stronger every day. Your mom is a strong lady. Your dad is very strong. M, you may remember me talking about the fact that you have 3 names, and that God has several. One of them is “Strength.” That description is mentioned several times and is good to think of Him as strong. – Ps

“Light time … dark time” … you may have heard us mention these words. Day … light time. Night … dark time. When lamps and lights are turned “on” you get a little extra light. God sure gave us some extra light when you were born. – Pr

Treasure. There is treasure in heaven. There is treasure on earth. M, must admit, we consider you a treasure. – Mt

“The face of an angel.” Makes me smile to think of you. That description fits. (Not the only one that thinks so.) – Ac

Love you little one.



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