Hi M,

Did you get a great night of sleep? (Guess the question is … did your mom?) M, we tell you often how glad we are that you are here … (We are.) Right now you may be thinking it, pretty soon you’ll be able to say it, your mom is a good mom. (And your dad … kind of like him too!)

You know what? Hope to see you this week. (Fun.)

Haven’t said “good growing” in a few days, so … good growing. And … how cool, happy we are in the strength you are gaining. – Ps

One of the great things about being little for a while … is just listening … wonderful sounds … voices that are saying … how beautiful you are … how loved you are. Listening well is good. – Pr

M, do you remember me telling you about your mom being a teacher? Your dad being an instructor? Jesus was too. One day on the side of a mountain, people came to Him and He taught them. It was a good day. – Mt

Did you know you have a shadow? Sometimes when light shines on you, your shadow appears. It is fun and will make you laugh. Did you know other people have shadows? When people are close you can see or get in their shadow. There was a man named Peter. People tried to get near him and his shadow. Good things happened when they did. We sure like it when you are in our shadow. When you are that close. – Ac

Looking forward to being shadow close soon.

Love you little girl.




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