Hi M,

Hope you are having a good day. What is a day like these days? Eat some. Sleep some. Try on some bows. Clothes. (Share your M&Ms.) Let people hold you. Try out those vocal skills. (Repeat.) Looking forward to seeing you this week. Stay warm. (Be nice to your mom.)

“Gorgeous” heard you described that way over the last couple of days. (That is true.) Have you been called the “apple of someone’s eye” yet? Ask your mom about teachers and apples? And if no one else has … let me be the first to say, “You are the apple of my eye.” – Ps

One of my favorite pictures of you … is the nurse checking to make sure your heart is healthy. You have had a couple of doctor’s visits also. They want to know (As do we) that your heart is ok. (Which it is.) Keeping an eye on your heart is a big deal. Very important. As you grow … it is something we look forward to hearing good news from the doc. As you grow … you want a smile from God that your heart is ok. – Pr

Remember me telling you of some of the wonderful stuff you can do as you get older. M, the sky is literally not a limit for you. You can do anything. (Dunking a basketball may be challenge.)

Jesus was a carpenter. He had some friends that were fishermen. Craftsmen, people who had the ability to work with their hands (Wait until we tell you what He helped build with His hands) and people who helped put food on our tables (And helped people understand the goodness of God.) You can do good in anything you choose to do. – Mt

M, we pray (Talk to God) about you often. We are grateful you are in our lives. – Ac

Love you little one,



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