Hi M,

Are you having a good day? Bet you are. Guess what happened today? Your great grandmother decided she was going to celebrate he birthday the whole month of January till Valentine”s Day. (Wait until we tell you about that one!) So we took (at her request) to Taco Bell. (Her cake, made of flowers. It is made of flowers. Cool cake. Remember me telling you about birthday cake. We get you the “eating” kind.) It was a fun few moments.

Guess you should this now. The ladies on your dad’s side of the family tend to celebrate birthdays … for many … many days. So … we’ll let you know when you approach one.

You remember me talking about you having 3 names? God has a few, one of them is “Most High” … cool to say. – Ps

Have we told you today, you are a treasure? M, the treasure. – Pr

When Jesus was born, many people took notice. When you were born, many people, (family and friends) took notice. – Mt (*They didn’t have pictures then, but by the time you came …)

The world you entered is a big (big) place. Lots of people. Remember me telling you about your mom being a teacher. She will help you learn many words. We call the words you learn a language. There are many words in many languages. (Maybe you will learn words in another language? That would be fun.) – Ac

Love you little one. (*One day ask your Aunt how to say that in another language.)



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