Hi M,

One of the things about being a winter girl, is it is cold. Single digit cold. Beautiful sun shining day, but burrrrr. Look at this picture. Must say, M, what a treasure we have. Hope you have a great day.

Are you sleeping well and a lot? Our hope (and prayer) is that your sleep is always peaceful and that you are always safe. – Ps

There is a television show with a question as the title. “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” (A bigger than you kid.) Guess what your mom does? Teaches 5th graders. She is a smart lady. And … will teach you many things. – Pr

Remember yesterday … someone’s birthday …. my mom … your dad’s grandmother … your great grandmother … that is 4 generations … when you are older we can trace the generations back a bit farther … great, great, greats … soon you will be able to count to 42 (your mom will help you will that) … 42 that’s how many generations Mary, Joseph and Jesus could count back. – Mt

Books … you’ll love them … words they will make your imagination soar! – Ac

Love you little girl.



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