Hi M,

One month ago today, several light and dark days ago, we welcomed you into the world and our lives. (A handful of pictures ago, a handful of bags of M&Ms ago, a lot of  “I love you” times ago.) One more for today, “love you.”

Guess what? Your grandpa has a new office that is ready to write you “Hi M” notes! Soon notes will be coming your way from another place. Is that fun or what?

Ps[136-140] Thought – M, do you know how long God will love you? More than a month. More, much more than all of us can count. Forever. As a matter of fact forever x 26. That is more than all your fingers, toes, arms and legs.

Pr28 Thought – M, are you enjoying your stuffed animals? Do you what sound a lion makes? Do you know what sound a bear makes? These two animals are mentioned here. (Wait until you see the stuffed animals we have for you!)

Mt28 Thought – Angels are famous for saying, “Don’t be afraid.” (Suppose that is what you want to hear from someone who looks like lightening and has on whiter that snow white clothes!)

Ac28 Thought – Everyday, all day is how long your grandpa would like to hold you and tell you stuff about God and how good it is to have family.

One more time, love you little girl.



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