Hi M,

Hi little one. Beautiful day for a beautiful girl! Heard you might be taking a “road trip” pretty soon. We predicting holdings, hugs and head rubbings. (You have “good luck” all day by touching the head of a little one.)

Ps[126-130) Thought – We’re dreaming for you. Giggle a lot! Sing at the top of your lungs! (And by the way, rumor has it you have some lungs!) Hope you are happy! May you be filled with joy today! We sure are when we think of you.

Pr26 Thought – You were born in the winter. Our favorite time now. Sometimes it is little cold, sometimes it snows in the winter. (Sometimes we make snowmen in the winter.) In a little while it will be summer. It will be a little warmer. Sometimes a lot warmer. It doesn’t usually snow in the summer. Warm think summer. Colder think winter.

Mt26 Thought – Jesus had a special place to talk with God. (Your grandpa does too.)

Ac26 Thought – Before you know it you will be speaking for yourself. Right now, we speak for you, thinking of your needs and wants, but pretty soon, we’ll hear the wonderful thoughts that you have. That will be a great time.

Love you little girl.



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