Hi M,

We might get some snow tonight. It might be enough to see some of those snowmen we talked about. And one day that snowman and snow child! That is going to be a fun day. But today, like yesterday, cold. Stay warm.

Ps[111-115] Thought – Thinking today how happy we are that you are here. There is a little phrase here that reads “As a happy mother of children.” If I’m this happy, imagine how happy your mother must be! We are talking happy with a capital “H” … happy highlighted … happy underlined … happy in bold.

Pr23 Thought – As happy as we are with you day by day, we also think about your days ahead. There is an exciting and a hope filled future for you. M, good days are ahead.

Mt23 Thought – Helping others is always good.

Ac23 Thought – Right now “life is good.” (Cold, but good.) When you get older you may experience a loud noise or two, a bump or two, an awkward moment or two. It is good to know then what you feel and know now. It is good to be in the hands God. (Not to mention mom, dad, family and friends.)

Love you little one.



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