Hi M,

Pretty day, but cold, very cold, stay inside cold, wrap up in your blanket cold. (Single digit cold. Below zero chill factor cold. We’ll tell you about those words later.) Just trust us “it’s cold.” This would be a great day to have someone hold you. Bet your mom’s arms have room for you. (If your grandpa was there … he’d volunteer!)

Ps[106-110) Thought – Read an interesting phrase today. It was about “sharing the joy.” These notes are to just “share the joy” of having you in our lives.

Pr22 Thought – M, Grace … “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” Your name makes us smile. You are a great treasure to us.

Mt22 Thought – A special day of celebration is great. A wedding. Easter. Christmas. An anniversary. A birthday. Speaking of great days and birthdays … your arrival, your birthday was our favorite.

Ac22 Thought – Holding you is good. Kissing you on the head is good. Being close enough to you that we cast a shadow is good. As you grow older knowing loved, “He stood beside me.” will be good to know.

Love you little one. (Stay warm … you know what … it’s cold.)


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