Hi M,

What a great way to start and end a week. (A lot of light times and dark times.) Saw your dad and great grandma, your grandma, your aunt (yep … the one with the camera) and uncle (yep … the “soft kitty” singing guy) … your mom and you (yep … you have guys have a lot of M&Ms … compliments of your dad … and your granddad.) Can’t tell you how good it was to hold you, see you, talk to you. (By the way that is four generations of family and “talking to” people over the weekend. Fun or what? And started the day talking to a friend who has been a friend for a bunch of light and dark times. Family, friends and a good day at church. Should say it again, what a great way to start and end a week.

Ps[101-105] – Remember your uncle singing? Soon you’ll be singing. Some songs are about the God and how much He loves us.

Pr21 Thought – We talk about your hair … face … nose, ears and eyes … toes and fingers … many times we try to think what you may be thinking/want … but your heart … (yep … what the doctor listens to) … is in God’s hand … as He listens to it … He smiles … it is healthy.

Mt21 – Thought – One day as Jesus came into a city, where many people lived. He rode on a donkey. We still remember that day. (It is one of your grandfather’s favorite days.)

Ac21 Thought – The city that Jesus rode on a donkey to was Jerusalem. Paul visited that city also. Maybe you’ll get to travel there one day.

Love you little one.


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