Hi M,

Slight change of plans. Coming to see you Sunday. Get to spend some time with my favorite girls. Your Mom, daughter and grand daughter time! You know who (your aunt) is going to take a few more pictures of you. (In case we run short.) Why all the pictures? Your Grandpa thinks it is a “When we can’t see you face, we like to see your face … and sometimes a picture of you … gets us by until … the next time we see you” thing.

Ps[91-95] Thought – Wait until you see your shadow for the first time! Everybody has one, but everyone is unique. A shadow is always close by. You’ll like knowing the shadow of someone you love and loves you is close. It is good to know you rest (and play) everyday in the shadow of God.

Pr19 Thought – May you rest content.

Mt19 Thought – Do you know that Jesus loves little children? He once said, “Little kids, bring them to Me!” He liked seeing them … having them around Him … hearing their happiness.

We used to sing a song about that. “Jesus loves the little children … all the children of the world … red and yellow, black and white … they are precious in His sight … Jesus loves the little children of the world.” (Even your Grandpa doesn’t sound bad with that song.)

Ac19 – An amazing thought. God is big. Does incredible things. Like … give us little ones like you. That’s is incredible. Great days. Know what? God is so big that He can do even more.

An introduction – M, let me introduce you to Easton. His home is in WV. Another loved little one.

Love you little one.



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