Hi M,

Another beautiful “not a cloud in the sky” day. It is light time. Soon it will be dark time. And then after that … light time again … and guess what … M&M time … yep … coming to see you! Smiles and a holding … a kiss on your head … (and on your Mom’s … have to fist bump your Dad … that “being too tall” thing.) Can’t wait.

Ps[86-90] Thought – M, every day we are amazed at how much you are growing and how strong you are becoming. (Bet you have heard “good growing” a few times!) You know who else is strong? God. (Very strong.)

Pr18 Thought – We love to bring you gifts, even stuff you may not need. (M&Ms.) When your Aunt was little, you should have seen the stuffed animal collection. Ask her tell you about Big Bunny. Your Dad had quiet the hat collection. I mention this because it is very good to bring a gift to someone. When they are not there, it is good to know they were thinking about you. We think about you often.

Mt18 Thought – God loves little ones. (Very much.)

Ac18 Thought – You may hear the word “reasonable.” It means “making sense.” People understand. M, we don’t always understand what you need, what you want, but we try our very best to “make sense” to see if it is “reasonable” … to see if it is time for this or that. Even if it is a cry, or a little fuss. By the way, did we mention, you have some great lungs, little girl.

Love you little one.



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