Hi M,

“Not a cloud in the sky” day. (Do you know about clouds yet? Kinda Cool.)Let’s talk about a favorite topic … M&Ms. Emmalynn. Emma. M. M&Ms … thought it was fun. Since the day before your birth, my gift of choice for you has been M&Ms. A couple of things … read about another birth (another M) and a description said “his parents noticed he was no ordinary child.” Ordinary … not you. So … Peanut Butter M&Ms. (Your Dad will tell you about his names for you that made me smile.) You may have also noticed “Sharing Size.” That means your Mom can have some, your Dad, family that you see, friends. And one day M, may you share not only M&Ms … but other stuff.

Psalm [81-85] Thought – When you grow up, there are a thousand things you can be. A teacher like your Mom, a craftsman and martial art’s instructor like your Father, a photographer like your Aunt, a performer (and all around smart guy) like your Uncle, or an artist like your Grandmother. The president, a judge, a musician, a doctor, a dentist. All of these positions may be new to you, but you were born in a great place and the sky is the limit, you can do anything you would like. Your Grandpa enjoys writing, you could do that too. A Ps that has always brought a smile to my face is Ps81:10, “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” Always thought those would be good words to read on the wall in a dentist office.

Pr17 Thought – Children’s children are a crown of the aged. That means that you make your Grandparents very, very happy.

Mt17 Thought – One day a friend of Jesus was told to go fishing. Fish live in places where there is lots of water. They are unique creatures. The first fish Peter, a friend of Jesus caught had a coin in its mouth. (Have you seen pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters yet?) A coin in the mouth of a fish seems strange, but it came at a needed time. You will find that a lot of needs are met (with M&Ms and stuff) in strange and wonderful ways when you are close to Jesus.

Ac17 Thoughts – M, the places you can go. Traveling the world can be wonderful.

Love you little one.


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