Hi M,

Did you sleep well? Is this day going well? Did you get some “listen to those lungs” time in? Bottles? Playing in the water? Giggling? Growing? Smiles for a picture? Try on some new clothes? Full day. No wonder, naps are needed.

(*Your Grandpa tries to write you a note most days, trying something new. It may work out real well.)

Ps[76-80] Thought – M, are you eating well? Getting some good food? Bottles of milk and juice. Soon, food in a little jar. Eaten with a little spoon. It will be fun … to do … and … to watch. Eating good stuff will help make you healthy, grow, you’ll be strong. You’ll find that eating every day … is a good thing. M, did you know there are lot of different things to eat? One thing some people ate was manna. (Sounds like Momma, pronounced just slightly different.) Sometimes it is called “the bread of angels.” Angels … is that cool? Back in the day, it came from God every day. It was a reminder every day that God provides for those that love Him. A bottle, a jar, a full meal, (manna) it is good for us to thank God for food everyday.

Pr16 Thought – You sure have a beautiful headful of hair. (We have pictures.) Your Grandpas hair … well … used to have a whole headful … now … a little thinner … not as dark … some gray … when we work up to words … from smiles and whispers … tell you a little about gray hair.

Mt16 Thought – Love to hear and tell stories. One was mentioned by Jesus. It was about a guy named Jonah and how he wound up inside the belly of a big fish before he helped people. Amazing story. Wait until you hear it.

Ac16 Thought – A guy named Paul … had friends. Soon you’ll have friends. You’ll recognize their faces, names and voices. M, it is good that your heart is big enough for many friends.

Love you little one.



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