Hi M,

Are you getting comfortable with your names yet? Emmalynn, Emma, M. (Like the gift of M&Ms?) Grace (More on that one in a minute.) Carter. (Family name.) Your Dad and your Grandfather C are often called by our middle names. Can be confusing at times. Your Grandpa often goes by two of his initials. (So did your Great Grandfather.)

Grace is more than a beautiful name that fits you well. It is a constant reminder that we often get to enjoy something that we may not deserve. Already you have brought people around you many smiles, much joy and a lot of happiness. Grace, guess you have brought us a glimpse of grace.

Ps[71-75] Thought – Your Great Grandparents taught your Grandpa, my Sister and Brother about God. (Marvelous and amazing stuff.) Your Grandpa (Even though his hair if getting “grayer” by the day) taught your Aunt and your Father about God. (Since they were young.) Now we get to tell you about God and His power … and His grace. Pretty fun stuff.

Pr15 Thought – A few days ago, your Mom took you to see the Doctor. He wanted to make sure you were growing well. Your Mom relayed that he said you were healthy. That was good news. (Good growing!)

Mt15 Thought – Remember the story about Jesus feeding a lot [a lot] of hungry people? He did it again!

Have a great day, love you little one.


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