Hi M,

Did you have good weekend? (Two light times and two dark times.) Any adventures? Any new pictures? (Just saw the one of you and your Dad at the covered bridge!) Bet you had a few hug and smile times.

Funny thing happened Saturday. Was going into my office to send you a note, and noticed in the cafe (a food place in the office) a little guy (two year old Quentin) and his grandmother. Decided to walk in, introduce myself and show this little one a visual that goes with a writing project. He knew immediately what they were and how to use them. It was funny because he was sitting on a stool at the counter. The stool next to him on one side was empty. He invited me to sit down. He continued to play and chat and eat. Sitting down … he gave me a cookie. Smiled about that several times over the weekend.

Ps[66-70] Thought – Bet you have many happy, joyful sounds in you!

Pr14 Thought – M, as you grow older, you will begin to notice that not every person is as fortunate as you. It is good thing to be kind to those in need. (It brings a smile to God’s face.)

Mt14 Thought – M, one fun story about Jesus, is what He did one time when people were hungry. Ever been ready to eat? Well, it was that time. Everybody was hungry. Dads, Moms, grandparents, kiddos. He fed them, not with bottles like you have, but with other food. Fish and bread. Did your grandpa mention a lot of people were hungry? He fed them all. (Yep … amazing.) The lesson seems to be … a little in the Lord’s hands is a lot.

Ac14 Thought – Speaking of food … Did you get plenty today? Giggle a bit? That happy heart is a gift from God.

Love you little one.



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