Hi M,

We have talked about days being light time and dark time. As you get older some days are very happy days. You will see a lot of smiles. (A lot of smiles.) Birthdays … (we remember yours well) … anniversaries … (we’ll save that one topic for later … right Dad) … holidays … and what many of us call holy days … Today is a holy day. For one reason, your Grandfather (Grandfather A, yep you have two of us … your Mom’s father, Grandfather A and me, your Dad’s father, Grandfather C … GC … yep, that’s where that came from.) Your GA is celebrating his walk with God today. Smile, hugs and high fives for everyone today.

Ps[56-60] Thought – May you … like your Grandpa A (and your GC) walk with God.

Pr12 Thought – M, good days are ahead of you and may you be one of God’s favorites. (You are sure one of ours.)

Mt12 Thought – One time many generations ago, (before Grandpas) a man said about Jesus, what God would say about Jesus, He is “The one I love and whom I delight.” That is exactly how we feel about you. We love you and you are a delight.

Ac12 Thought – Soon after you learn to talk, (in just a couple of days) … talking will lead to praying … not hard … just talking to God stuff. When you talk to God, some amazing things happen. (Like the two year old who gave me a cookie today!)

An Introduction – M, I would like to introduce you to Caroline her home is in VA. A loved little girl like you.

Caroline - VA

Love you little one.



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