Hi M,

Bit of a “Seattle” day. (Ask your Dad about that one.) Some days (remember light time and dark time) are sun shining days, and some days bring refreshing rain. Sometimes even snow! Can’t wait to show you one of my favorite pictures. (A smiling snowman … guess what the snowman has on his shoulders … a smiling “snow” child … great picture. We can do that someday.)

Just heard some great news from your Mother about tomorrow. (The next light time and night time.) Let’s wait until tomorrow to tell.

Ps[51-55] Thought – May your day (light time and night time) be filled with joy and gladness! May you see happy faces, hear encouraging words and sense (just feel) our love.

Pr11 Thought – M, have we mentioned how much you’ve grown? (Good growing!) Seems like you are thriving, like a green leaf on a plant. (By the way … leaves on plants … don’t want to eat them … that’s a “Ask your Aunt” story from when she was little.)

Mt11 Thought – Did you know you have cousins? The children of the Mom’s brothers. (Ask your Mom about them.) Jesus had a cousin. His name was John. He was quite a character.

Ac11 Thought – Soon you will get to go to church, a great big number of people do. It will be fun.

Love you little one.



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