Hi M,

One day the kids (Your Aunt and your Dad) said to me, “You’ll never believe what we got you.” Total surprise. (My thinking was … “wonder what color of tie they’ve brought?”) Wrong. It was a puppy. A baby basset hound. (He was a noble looking animal.) We named him Sir Flash I. When he was tiny, he would run, step on his long (long) ears and flip. It was funny to see. Flash had several adventures we’ll tell you about. (The trip on a plane from WA to IN, and the evening he spent with the night creatures.) Your Grandpa is telling you about Flash because today we will get to see a few more pictures of him.

As much as we smile when we see pictures of Flash, we smile when we see pictures of you. From day one your days have been recorded in pictures, images of you. Your pictures have increased my collection of pictures ten-hold. (That’s all of your fingers on both hands.) Guess we just like seeing you.

Ps46-50 Thought – “My heart is stirred by a noble theme.” M, that would be you.

Pr10 Thought – M, you are bringing a lot of joy to your Mother and Father, (And your Grandpa.)

Mt10 Thought – Remember the note about friends? How you have a heart big enough for many? Some of Jesus’ friends are listed here. Good guys, fun friends.

Ac10 Thought – As you grow, may you give generously to those in need and pray (talk to God) regularly.

Love you little one.



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