Hi M,

Hope you are having a great day little girl. Right now you are meeting many family members and close friends. Many are pretty amazed at how pretty you are and just want to see you or hold you. (Holding you is pretty cool.) As you get a little older you will see that you have a heart big enough for many friends. Some who have know you since your arrival and some friends that are new. Don’t know if you can have too many friends. Your Grandpa spent some time with two new friends last evening. They are a delight. Spent some time with an old friend today. You can not believe how much fun friends are. May you have many.

Ps41-45 Thought – May the Lord protect you. (You are in good hands with your Mom and Dad, but it is good to know God watches over you also.) It always brings a smile to my face to think about Dad’s protective nature. And with God watching over you … pretty cool combo.

Pr9 – May your days (light times and night times) be many and may many years be added to your life.

Mt9 Thought – You want to hear a wonderful thing about Jesus? M, He helped many, many people. We are praying for your protection, that you have a long life and that you do admirable things, help others is admirable.

Ac9 Thought – M, not everybody embraces good values from an early age. But when someone does, it is a great story. Wait until you hear Saul’s story.

Love you little one.



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