Hi M,

Are you having a good day little girl? How are you keeping your days full? Eating, playing, keeping those bows in place? Sleeping, growing, working on your sounds? (Which will be words soon.) Helping Mom decide which clothes you want to wear? (Your Grandpa is still smiling about the “babies come with hats” thing.) Head full of hair, bows, hats … we smile a lot when we think of you. Everything about you brings us joy.

Ps36-40 Thought – When your Dad was little, your Grandpa used to “tuck” him in at night. Often he would hear the question, “How much do we love you?” Jumping up and touching the ceiling in his room, and he would hear, “More than that much.” He would smile. Your Dad is tall. A look up to guy. The ceiling is tall. The sky, where the birds fly is way up there. The sun, moon and stars … up there. Then there is heaven. That is how far God’s love for you (and ours) reaches.

Pr8 Thought – Your Grandfather is “filled with delight day after day rejoicing in you …” You sure make us happy.

Mt8 Thought – Following Jesus and the things of God are a good way to go all the days of your life.

Ac8 Thought – Angels … wait until you hear about them.

Love you, little one.



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