Hi M,

Are you having a giggle, grin and growing day? Get to crash (another word for sleep) in the cradle? Remember those pictures your Aunt took a couple of days ago? Posted one. Heard again (and again) … comments that you are beautiful and heard lots of love from a lot of people. (Pssst … your Grandpa is in that number.)

Ps[31-35] Thought – It is always a good day (rain, snow or sunshine) when God’s face shines upon you. That is your Grandfather’s prayer you today.

Pr7 Thought – You know those M&Ms your Grandpa brings? Next time, there will be another gift. You can try to guess what it is, but it is a surprise. (And … the M&Ms.)

Mt7 Thought – Remember Jesus going on a mountainside and talking from yesterday? He said good things. Things people really wanted to hear. He taught us how we should always try to see the best in people.

Ac7 Thought – M, all of the people you see with those beautiful eyes of yours have names. You, your Mom, Dad, Grandpa have names. One day we’ll tell you about Stephen. Great name, great guy.

Love you little one.


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