Hi M,

It was good to hold, see, talk to you today. This Grandpa thing fits well. It was good to see your Mom and Dad, Aunt, Uncle and your Great Grandmother. You know beginning this night you’ll get to sleep with the sheep blanket from your Great Grandmother and in the cradle where your Dad slept. Treasured thoughts. Treasured little girl. (Did you get the M&Ms? It’s OK to share them with Mom, Dad and guests.)
Ps[21-25] Thought – Warmest welcome to the family! You are welcomed with open arms and the richest of blessings. (The four generation picture was great.)Pr5 Thought – M, a Mom who is a teacher and a Dad who is an instructor is wonderful. They will always love you and offer you great insight.

Mt5 Thought – One time Jesus went up on a mountain (wait until you see one of those) side and taught (like Mom and Dad) people some wonderful words.

Ac5 Thought – “Highly regarded” is a good phrase. M, may people always hold you in high regard.

Did your Grandpa tell how good is was to hold you today? Treasured moment.

Love you little one.


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