Hi M,

Good morning little one. Did you have a good night? (Did Mom have a good night?) Got up a little early today. (Still night, will be light soon.) Going to see a long time friend a little later. (As they say in FB land … lol.)

Guess what? Bringing Great Grandma to see you Saturday. After that your Aunt is going to take some pictures of you. (We don’t want to run short.) You are loved.

Ps[16-20] Thought – M, God gives us good things. A great gift He gave us was you.

Pr4 Thought – Your Grandpa has met many people, many children. Concluding words are often, “Be nice to your Mother.” They smile. It is good to know that as you grow you two will share a lot of love for one another.

Mt4 Thought – Jesus helped many (many) people.

Ac4 Thought – It is good to share. You have a great big heart inside of you little one.

Love you little one.



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