Hi M,

Another day of light, bright sun shining day. Hope you are having a good one. Met a Mom today who is having a little one in just a couple of weeks. Remembered your arrival. Met another Mom with a three year old. Important finding … some little ones are days old, like you … some measure time in months … and some in years. All the stages are of great fascination to me. (Another lady who works nearby asked to see a picture of you. Just happened to have one on my phone. Yep … turned into one of those Grandpas.) Love you little one.

Ps [11-15] Thought – Your safety is very important. It is good to know that God will keep you safe and protect you. (Between having God’s protection and a martial art’s Dad on your side … you are in pretty good hands.)

Pr3 Thought – Your Grandpa used to read these words to your Dad.

Mt3 Thought – It is good to hear at special moments you are loved. You are.

Ac3 Thought – A guy named Peter, a follower of Jesus did some amazing things and said some amazing things. One man, couldn’t walk. Not because he was still growing and getting strong like you, but because he had trouble with his legs. Remember hearing he did some amazing things. He helped the man walk. Amazing.



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