Hi M,

Heard it again today. “She’s beautiful.” That you are. Today you are one hand old. Well beautiful baby girl, are you having a good day? Your Grandfather is spending part of the day thinking about you and what this first year holds for you. This year is a way from one hand old. First spoonful of food. First steps. First tooth. First words. Not sure when all of that will happen, but hoping to be one of the first to hear about it. (Something you’ll think is funny. As children get older, not in everyone’s case, but in mine … forgot how old little ones are. When do you start counting age in months and years? So guess who has been stopping Moms and Dads in restaurants and malls, introducing himself, and asking the ages of little kids. Yep. Guilty.) Imaging you at different ages is something to smile about. A treasured moment, if you will.

Ps[1-5] Thought – May the Lord watch over you.

Pr1 Thought – May you remember your Mother’s teachings.



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