Hi M,

Jen, Landon and M - Holding M

Did you have a great day at home? Home is where you live. Bet it is safe. Bet it is warm. Bet it is nice. Bet you had a good sleep in your cradle. Bet people smile a lot when you are around. Hear you have your own room/space. Sounds wonderful.

Have you noticed light time and night time? You may hear the word day. One light time and one night time is a day. We can count your light times and night times on one hand. M, a whole bunch of days is a year. Today we will think about two words (big words) when we think about this year … celebration and anticipation.

We are celebrating, happy, smiling a lot about you.

We are anticipating many happy days ahead. (Starting with the light/night days on your other hand.)

Pr31 Thought – Your Mom is a teacher. Your Dad is craftsman and martial art’s instructor. (Teaches teachers of martial arts.) They do noble work and are noble people.



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