Hi M,

GC* - holding M copy

Welcome to the world little one! (The announcement is a “in the evening because of the sleep” thing your Mother, Father and Grandpa went through.)

Where you were compared to where you are, to where you were, this place may seem big. A lot is going on, but everything stopped so we could celebrate your birth. We are so excited you’re here. We have been looking forward to this day for many days.

Quite a bit of excitement has surrounded your arrival. We know exactly what time you were born. (10:43am) Clocks and watches seemed to stop, when your birth was announced. Music even played.

Your parents named you Emmalynn Grace Carter. I think your Grandpa C will call you “M.” (Did you get the M&Ms?)

It is one of the last times you’ll want this number made public, but they say you weigh 7 pounds and 13 ounces. (I don’t know why it is, but most ladies are quiet guarded about how much they weigh from this moment forward.) We even know your length. (20 inches.) By the way it is one of the last time people will ask you that question. We marveled at your arms and legs, fingers and toes, ears and eyes, lips and nose. All there!

Of all the babies that have been born, (a lot) … you are in my top three. (Just so you know your Aunt and Father were also pretty special.)

I guess I would like for you to know this; your Grandpa loves you very much and I am so happy you’re here!

God and His angels are happy too. (I’ll tell you a little more about Him soon.)

Grandpa C*

PS … Mom and Dad are fine.


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